Why Choose Gemini Aerial?

GEMINI AERIAL is an innovative aerial video production company in Southern Arizona. We are privately-owned, FAA 107 LICENSED and fully insured to operate UAVs (drones) for commercial and industrial use. Our team of seasoned pilots and photographers possess the unique skills to capture the most elegant and professional images for your project.

Creative & Technical Experience

With over 35 years of business and creative design experience, Gemini Aerial will guide your video compilation from start to finish using state-of-the-art, multi-rotor and fixed-winged platforms, along with high resolution cameras. We have the technical capabilities to produce incredible 16MP (mega-pixel) raw images, 4K video and 3D mapping to meet your marketing requirements.

Versatile Applications

Gemini Aerial is fully equipped to serve a variety of industries and professions such as, commercial developers, local government agencies, academic institutions, sporting events, real estate agents, corporations and non-profit organizations. Our aerial video and photography is ideal for television, internet and other media applications. Other uses include aerial inspection surveys and photogrammetry for 3D mapping. For your organization we can deliver the raw footage or prepare a finished project that includes post-production editing.

Our Safety Policy

Our pilots maintain strict safety standards by evaluating weather conditions and terrain for potential obstructions or hazards prior to each project and flight.

Customer Satisfaction

Whatever your marketing objectives, our friendly and reliable team will work with you to customize your project and stay within budget. We have complete flexibility when it comes to satisfying our clients and will travel to most locations.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our customer service, our business ethics and desire to bring the highest quality imagery to each and every client. Call Us Today!.... And let Gemini Aerial provide the premier service that you expect.